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Embracing greenery, the new Rangs Properties Limited (RPL) headquarter has been designed by integrating nature into all of its aspects to keep sustainability and functionality intact, giving its employees a stress-free and eye-pleasing environment to work in.

Let’s dive deep into this article to know more about this initiative. 

The combination of many factors makes a good working environment. Most office spaces are built the same – each tightly-spaced cubicle facing the next. While many office spaces have begun to take initiatives in revamping their workspaces, the focus falls on RPL and its efforts in creating a proper green, and breathable workplace.

Located at the iconic Rangs Babylonia, in the heart of Tejgaon, we are humbly greeted by the openness of the space that occupies the 11th floor of the building. The walk-in to the main building complex is garnished with Madagascar Almond trees, setting the stage for what the floors of the building are to follow.

The terrace overlooking the city landscape presents a bold 30-feet vertical wall of greenery made of yellow and green Monstera and ferns. The wall is made with keeping sustainable design philosophy in mind. Geotex bags, made of biodegradable material, lined vertically in high columns keep all the plants in place. Each spacious meeting room on the floor houses a large plant.

The lobby itself is adorned with various life-sized plants. The floors of this building have similar open terraces, and a wide field of view courtesy of the surrounding full-height glasses. This allows for natural light to disperse throughout the day, thus saving a lot of energy in the process.

The spaciousness with which RPL’s new floors have been designed takes biophilic design elements into account. Biophilic design is a concept that enhances human connectivity with the natural environment. The use of Monstera for the vertical wall, for example, isn’t a coincidence. Monstera is considered one of the most effective plants for reducing air pollution, the same being true for ferns. The floor comes with not one but two terraces, with the second one containing large frangipani trees (Kath Golap) and more plants in the mix, giving the whole space a noble look.

RPL and its top management body’s core philosophy is green, which has been implemented and orchestrated by Inspace Architects Limited in the design of this office. It is designed with modern contemporary architecture and a minimal design approach, making the workplace feel livelier and less stress-inducing for employees and visitors alike.

RPL has made great strides in creating green architecture since the implementation of green fencing in all its projects. The company utilizes any small space available and plans and designs it accordingly with a creative inclusion of greenery. As a result, in recognition of its efforts in mobilizing green initiatives and cleaner living, RPL received the Bangladesh Innovation Award in 2021.

 On this World Environment Day, RPL’s eco-friendly objectives ring true to the motto of “Only One Earth”. Because of the implications of climate change, deforestation, and rapid urbanization, we need immediate actions and workable models.

RPL has shown sustainable solutions through its green designs and with the unique look of its new office, the company has set an example of how breathable a workplace can be. This is a testament to Rangs Properties Limited’s forward-thinking in pushing the envelope on ensuring thriving greenery, and through this, they want to continue their journey of becoming a true, breathable real estate.