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In the ever changing world of globalization and superlative breakthrough of technology where consistency has become a questionable concern, one thing that remains constant is land. And as they say the best investment on earth is earth.

Under the real estate division of RANCON, currently there are several real estate companies, out of which Rangs Properties Ltd, has been leading the way both in terms of longevity and revenue. Rangs Properties Limited has been addressing the commercial and residential needs of the country for 23 years now. With an affable knowledge of both contemporary and modern architecture, Rangs Properties Limited aims to address the shifting trend and need of a transitional urban city while catering to a lifestyle befitting both the niche and the common mass. The company makes it a priority to use the best blend of innovation, sustainability, functional design, and avant-garde architecture to bring excellence in every aspect of its real estate projects.
Rangs Properties Limited is setting a signature mark in today’s architecture in Bangladesh through the sensitive approach of their architects who take into account all the factors that come into play when you move into your new home or start working in a new commercial building bringing you the world’s best in your own land.
Though the company has handed over 200+ Commercial & Residential projects over the years, it has created a unique identity as the number one real estate developer in the commercial segment by redefining the city’s skyline.

A Prolific Beginning

In the year 1996 the journey began with Rangs Properties Ltd starting its operations. From its first step in the industry, Rangs Properties Limited set out on a mission to transform the Dhaka city skyline. This saw the prominent real estate giant deliver its pilot residential project – Rangabi Residential located at Uttara. The six-storied domicile can still be seen standing tall.

Rangs began widening their reach from early 2000 into different parts of the city, entering the tri-state area with the project Rangs Korobi located in Banani, Rangs Waterfront in Gulshan. It was in 2004, that the famed shopping complex of Dhanmondi, one of Rangs earlier gems – Rangs Anam Plaza was established and has become a landmark distinguishing edifice of the ever-evolving landscape of Satmasjid road.

RPL handed over multiple projects like Rangs Panorama, Garden Palace, Chayabithi, Taj Tower in 2007, emerging as a brand catering to different segments of the consumer base. Heeding the demand for rising commercial properties RPL launched Rangs KB Square & Nasim Square in Dhanmondi which houses popular lifestyle brands, and brings a commercial flare to the residential area.

Their recent addition to the Dhanmondi landscape is Rangs Fortune Square which became the buzz of the neighborhood following the much-anticipated launch of Domino’s Pizza. The building has become a hub housing various crowd-favorite restaurant. Perched carefully at the intersection of Dhanmondi 2, Rangs Fortune Square stands as a testament to Rangs Properties Limited commitment to creating lifestyles.

Marking Commercial Hubs

With a good number of projects nestled comfortably under their belts, and an impressive 30+ locations covered, Rangs Properties Limited marked 2018 as the year to bring innovation to their designs which lead to the successful handover of Rangs FC Square. It is one of the signature commercial projects located strategically at Gulshan Avenue. This building houses various lifestyle brands and top-notch restaurants making it one of the most prominent destinations within the vicinity. Rangs RD Square is another groundbreaking commercial building in Gulshan avenue which stands out in the crowd of the concrete jungle.

In the midst of Tejgaon, Rangs Babylonia is by far is one of the finest creations of Rangs Properties Limited Ltd. The rugged and fair-faced exterior echoes a tale of architectural boldness combined with the perfect geometry of the design. The building is made to stand the test of time and the witness the escapades of this ever-changing city. This beautiful building is situated in Tejgaon link road. The building was inspired by the hanging garden of Babylon. Rangs wanted to create an oasis in the middle of the urban jungle in the form of this beautiful building.

The upcoming projects of RPL, KM Square located at Uttara and Rangs Atrium located in Dhanmondi will further contribute into shaping the commercial landscape of Dhaka. Similarly, Rangs Z Square, has been designed in a way so that it can offer to be the ultimate commercial hub located at Gulshan Avenue. This 19 storied edifice will be offering a world of myriad possibilities unveiling the most exciting amenities at your fingertips. At present, Rangs Properties Limited has the highest number of commercial projects on Gulshan avenue compare to any other real estate company in Bangladesh.

To add more, RPL has quite an assortment of residential upcoming projects – Miranda(Banani), Diorama (Gulshan), FS Vega (Baridhara), within the tri-state area and few more are to be launched in Uttara as well.

RK Square

RK Square is at the epicenter of Gulshan 1. In the western hemisphere of the world, modern office designs have emerged pushing claustrophobic cubicles and overcrowded floors to the past. Employees spend most of their hours of the day at the office. The quality of workspace design can lead to a less stressful and more productive working environment, since it stimulates serenity in employees prompting them to reach their full potential.

Club Floor

Bearing this philosophy, Rangs is constructing RK square, in South Gulshan Avenue that developed its design on the pillars of employee wellbeing.

The building will feature business center, gym, sauna, infinity pool, food court, drop off point, separate entrance and exit, automated parking, sky deck at different levels, double glazed windows and many other modern amenities. The company has also applied for the LEED certification, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world.

The architecture of the building has aimed to give openness to the whole structure with the use of windows as one of the walls. A typical floor in the building is of two types, with an adjoined terrace and one without it. The building has South Gulshan Avenue in the front and two lakes in the back of the building, which gives it a beautiful view and lots of light.

The building is an architectural marvel. It has focused on the design of a building according to the needs of the employees who would spend most of their time here. The architectural philosophy of this building is “the building that matters, the office that makes sense.” The construction of the building began in 2018, and will undoubtedly enhance South Gulshan Avenue by raising the bar on re-imagining the commercial landscape of Dhaka.

Z Square

Rangs Z Square

Rangs Z Square, the ultimate commercial exception located in Gulshan Avenue. This 19 storied edifice offers a world of myriad possibilities unveiling the most exciting amenities at your fingertips. At present, Rangs Properties Limited has the highest number of commercial projects on Gulshan Avenue compared to any other real estate company in Bangladesh.

Challenging conventions set the ground for brilliance where it becomes a norm – setting new benchmark at every phase. The ground-breaking creations by Rangs Properties Limited Properties are sculpting the future of the real estate industry with the pledge to provide more and beyond specifically designing structures which are “Ahead Of Its Time”