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The ingredients of creating a healthy lifestyle does not comprise of physical well-being only, our mental health plays a bigger role than we address, admit and realize. Since the beginning of the official quarantine lockdown (March 26, 2020), people have been anxious, worried and unsure of issues like losing loved ones, economic instability, livelihood, upcoming recession and what not.

The absence of sufficient online counselling services in a city like Dhaka has opened the doors of despair for many with open-ended questions about tomorrow as we speak; causing rises in the levels of anxiety and depression. Here’s a short article comprising a handful of tips to keep your mental wellbeing in check for a productive today and a better tomorrow.

Inability to focus

When you are thrown off your everyday schedule, and you find yourself working from home, doing online classes, it obviously becomes more difficult to deliver as per the deadlines; drawing inspiration for work leading to declining productivity with every passing day specially when corona virus has taken all your focus away. Kindly limit yourself from absorbing too much information about COVID -19 from television, social media and everywhere else. It is good to stay updated but overthinking about it will only cause more and more distress & distractions.

Battling bad temperament

If you find yourself throwing a fit for no reason and experience sudden turbulences in your relationship, please understand this is normal and a temporary phase. Such situations can often trigger panic attacks, paranoia, sudden drug/alcohol abuse and depression. Please know that the best thing you could do right now is to extend support so that the other person feels heard and accepted. Instead of constant nagging and complaining, please find a way of calming yourself in times of heated arguments like listening to music, reading, contributing in house hold chores, talking to a friend, any physical activity, basically anything that helps to practice giving each other much needed individual space.

Distorted diet and sleep cycle

Netflix binge and lying on the sofa while feeding yourself junkies for hours to the throat sure sounds tempting. However, this might lead to distorting your diet and food habits for good making you more prone to excessive weight gain or weight loss unlocking the underlying health issues. Lazing around for most of your active hours stripes you of physical and mental exhaustion, which is good enough to bid farewell to a good 8 hours sleep. Try having 1 hour of no screen time before going to bed and drinking warm milk at night which shall help with the quality of your sleep. Please, stick to a proper routine and get your things done on time to save yourself the trouble.

Unveiling your creative soul

You might end up feeling sad when you see many of your friends uploading singing, dancing, painting, and entertaining videos which only pushed you to the point of realization that you might not have any creative speck within you. Please try to see this setback as an opportunity. Creativity has many ways and forms and are not limited to the above-mentioned activities only. Try your hand at writing, video editing, origami, creating DIY crafts, solving puzzles, indoor board games, learning calligraphy and the list goes on and on. As much as it is needed for your quarantine survival also appreciating others’ efforts and talent is equally important. Please try the suggested activities if the quarantine lockdown has not yet turned you into a master chef.

Lastly, let’s all admit the fact that being in quarantine is difficult and we still have a long way to go. In this desperate time, let’s not forget to be kind and helpful to yourself and to others around to keep our psychological well-being intact.