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Jun 13 2019

Bringing in an era of green architecture

Rangs Properties Limited, which has become synonymous with creating iconic structures and bringing in avant-garde architecture recognizes the increasing importance of adding a green touch to architecture. The once green Dhaka city has now become a maze of concrete buildings- what was once green fields and lakes with their own fauna and flora has now been converted to towering structures of cement, metal, and concrete. With new buildings being set up on every corner decreasing the already diminished free space in the city, many can’t help reminisce on the times back when even when stuck in traffic, people would have a greener view to look at.
 Hence, true to its reputation the company has brought green fencing to Bangladesh. This technique of lining fern plants on the outside walls of its buildings is a popular practice in China, United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico and other countries. Along with landscaping and gardening, this initiative can result in great scopes for a greener city and healthier future for all its inhabitants. In this era of global warming, plants and trees are not just necessary but essential for our survival.
 Green fencing has a number of benefits. Firstly, it reduces pollution and increases the aesthetic beauty of an area. Secondly, since painting is not required as the walls are covered with fern plants that saves the environment from the negative effects of using paint which contains toxic chemicals. Thirdly it makes the structure stand out and become a distinct landmark and lastly the plants lead to an improvement in the quality of air as they take in the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen.
 Md. Foyez Ullah, founder of Volume Zero has commented,” Green fencing takes any structure to a new level. This not only makes the building look unique but also creates awareness in people’s minds about the environment.” Rangs Properties Limited is therefore taking a pioneering role in bringing back the green to Dhaka city, albeit in a modern and luxurious way.