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    Lift: 3 Nos. (High Speed)

    Central Air Condition

    CCTV Surveillance

    Full Generator Backup

    Force Ventilation System

    Fire Detection & Prevention

    Energy Efficient Desing

    Design Criteria

    • Expression of ancient philosophy in modern architecture.
    • Dynamic office space due to shifting of office space in different levels.
    • Structural design parameters to be based on BNBC, ACI and ASTM code.
    • For all service connections British / American / BNBC building code will be followed.
    • Consider wind load up to 210 km/hr.
    • Building is designed to sustain earthquake load with return period of 100 years.(Considering seismic co-efficient Z=0.15 of zone 2.)
    • Fire fighting hose cabinet on all floors.Heat and Smoke detector with sprinkler system on parking floors.
    • Most updated fire fighting equipments used on building.
    • Modern electronic security system will be provided on the building
    • Roof top garden facility with seating facility and plantation.

    Interior Finish

    • Lift Lobby of Ground and Typical floor will be Marble/ Granite combination.
    • Stair finish will be imported non skid Matt Tiles.
    • False ceiling with designer lighting.
    • Basement lift lobby will be marble / Granite combination.
    • Drive way & Parking space will be imported pavers tiles combination.

    Exterior Finish

    • Double glaze with curtain section ( Energy efficient glass).
    • Fair face / ACP Panel finish on exterior surface.
    • External louvers for sun cutter and heat reduction.
    • Preferably maintenance-free external façade finish.

     Bathroom Features 

    • Wall & Floor finish will be imported tiles.
    • Imported best quality fittings & fixtures.
    • Provision for disable toilet.

     Landscape & Lighting 

    • Designed sculpture garden with water feature.
    • Building glow with special LED lighting.

     Special Features 

    • Solar Panel for common area lighting.
    • Rain water harvesting.
    • Water filtration system.
    • Water recycling system for flash water.


     Fire Fighting 

    • Fire detection by smoke detector, heat detector, light detector & fire alarm.
    • Fire protection

    -Fire hydrant cabinet

    - Fire extinguisher (CO2, ABC dry powder.)

    -Gas suppression system option.



    Safety & Security 

    • Access Control by CC TV camera (Dome type/ PTZ Type).
    • Option for electronic access control system.
    • Emergency Light.
    • Security light.


    • Central Air Conditioning System.
    • Force Ventilation system at basement levels.
    • Lift (Separate Passenger’s & Service Lift).
    • Synchronize Generator with full backup.
    • Substation.
    • Water pump for building use.
    • Diesel pump, electric pump & jockey pump for fire fighting.



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